the warped life of an eastern west

come on in. leave your sanity, but bring your heart.

8 April 1990
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well its about time i edited this isn't it.
i'm a wacky aussie teen, obsessed with all things sport, Scifi, complex often progressive music, and audio in general. i'm a gamer, a talker, a trecky, professional timewaster, an A student in procrastonation, and a quite thoroughly underqualified geek!
I am currently studdying Information technology at the University of Southern Queensland, but i don't know if i'll stay in that field forever, however that doesn't mean i know enough to do all your tech-support, just thought you should know.
Internet radio is my expensive timewasting hobby, and the website listed sends you where i do my thing, a quite odd little show called the One way Roundabout.
So if you like what you see, feel free to drop me a line on any of the available somethings, I'm a warm person who won't bite!

fine print: the author of this journal takes no responsibility for a loss of sanity gained by reading anything contained, in or referred to from said blog. Any complaints made to said author will most likely result in being laughed at, told to go away, or otherwise ignored.